Jan 26, 2012
hi im running a fx-4100, gigabyte 970a-d3, 16gb corsair vengeance with stock cooler. Im running a small minecraft server for people to play on it usually has about 5-15 people on it. Ive had the system for about 2months, the temps were normally about around the 40 degrees celcius and even when im playing on the server on the machine. during the last couple of days the processor has been reaching 50 degrees and when I play on it, it actually reaches 80 degrees even if there is about 5 people on it. I turn it off regularly to give it a break. the last time I turned it off was bout 1 hour ago and now its 54 degrees.

I check the temp with gigabyte touch bios.
There is not much heat in the room for info!!


The CPU temp depends on the load on it. At 25% to 40% load you should not see 80 degs C. This is definitely caused by poor heat transfer.

First, ensure that that there is good air flow inside the case (minimize obstructions). Blow out dust and debris inside the computer using a can of compressed air. After that if necessary (still high temps) re-seat the CPU/heatsink assembly using Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound.