Question Temperamental boot with red CPU light

Jul 15, 2020
I'll keep this brief and get into the meat and potatoes of this issue that NOBODY can seem to get their heads around.

My system -

It will boot just fine at the start of the day. Play a few games, do some general browsing, watch a movie, turn it off.....

If I power down and try to reboot 5-10 or even an hour later it will not boot. I have to wait 2-3 hours.

All fans and lights spin up but no signal to the screen and a little red CPU light on the motherboard comes on. It's temperamental and inconsistent.

I have:
Reseated the CPU
Reseated the cooler
Switched ram around
Tried one stick or ram

Cleared the CMOS
Updated the Bios

I've even gone as far as to REPLACE the CPU with a Ryzen 5 2600x and REPLACE the mobo from what was originally an MSI gaming carbon ac and REPLACE the ram; And I'm still having the same problem ?

I'm really at a loss with this one guys. I can't remember when this became an issue but I want to say it started in December / January of 2019.

If anyone can help fix this I'd be happy to offer a £40 reward. Not much but covid has me beat right now.

- BK


Here are a few things to try.:

1. After powering off turn the switch off at the back of the PSU.

2. Remove the power cord from the PSU socket.

Let it sit for 5 minutes between tries. Then reconnect power cord, turn PSU switch back on, and try again using the front panel on/off switch.

Try using different sequences and if you find one that works test it multiple times.

If none of that works try a different PSU.