Temperature Help with Q9550 OC @ 3.4ghz


Aug 30, 2008
I just did my first OC from 2.8ghz to 3.4ghz and I'm currently running Prime95 in Blend mode.
CPU 100% Usage
Vcore: 1.32v
+3.3 : 3.31v
+5 : 4.94v
+12v : 12.04v

The CPU Temp goes from 64C-70C, Should i let Prime95 Continue with the torture test or should i Stop it, How long can i let it run at this Temps without damaging the CPU?

What Temps Should I have with the OC 3.4ghz Q9550?


Intel Master
Always report your ambient temperature and use Small FFT's for thermal testing. 10 minutes is adequate. Run the test with case covers removed and all fans at 100% RPM.

Intel's Q9550 specs:

Vcore 1.3625
CPU temp 71c
Cores temps 76c

Overclock as high as you like, but just don't exceed the specs. For more information, click on the link in my signature.

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