Temperature problems on e6750


May 26, 2012
Alright, here goes:
I've been having problems with cpu temperature lately, with idle temperatures around 40 degrees celsius in each core, and when fully loaded in a prime95 test or in a game like Dota 2, up to 75 degrees.
My setup is as follows:
Intel C2D e6750, stock cooler and heatsink
Thermaltake Soprano Mid Tower Case with 430W psu i think?
nVidia 8600 GT
2 gb Corsair XMS series ram
I've gone to an overclock to 3.2 ghz from my 3.0 oc earlier, so still only a slight overclock, and have been using stock voltages. However, recently i've been having a few bluescreens and very high temperatures, any tips on what i should do?
(just reset to stock settings a day ago due to this issue, and while writing this i have skype, foobar2k, steam, coretemp and chrome running and have temperatures of 42-50 degrees)
Thanks in advance guys :)
The std cooler is apparently not good enough for the overclock so get an aftermarket cooler and it should help the heat issue. The BSOD's is harder to deal with since they can be your ram settings or any other settings you are missing when overclocking.