Temperature Sensor in GMA


Apr 10, 2009
Now don't laugh at me because I have an Intel GMA x4500HD graphics card (I don't game). But what I want to know is if the GMA's have Temperature sensors. In Speedfan, I see "Core 0" up through "Core 3" which is each individual core in my C2Q. Then I see three others: Temp1, Temp2, and Temp3. Temp 1 stays around 45C, Temp2 stays around 33C, and Temp3 stays around 52C. I think that Temp3 is the PSU, because I F@H on the C2Q so it has lots of power it needs to feed. I don't know what the other ones are. I assume on is the Mobo, and one is the GPU, but I am not sure.