Temperature sensor location on mobo...?


Dec 26, 2006
Does anyone know *where* exactly the temperature sensor on an Asus P5VDC-MX mobo is, and which chipset it's reporting on -- southbridge or northbridge? Can't find the info anywhere (Asus website, manual, etc.)

I ask cause I bought a spot fan that you screw into a mobo mounting hole and point to whatever you want cooled, since my mobo was overheating. But the only the time I saw a drop in temperature using this fan was when I pointed the fan at nothing -- just a bunch of PCI slots. I think the sensor is nowhere near the chipset it's monitoring...I also stuck the fan right on the southbridge and the northbridge, but the temperature actually *increased* according to the software, which doesn't make any sense...and the case was open when I did this, so there was no shortage of cool air. I also removed the HS on the northbridge and applied arctic silver to it, which did nothing to help...

I noticed the southbridge DOES NOT have a heat sink, even though there's a marking on the mobo that says "Heat sink 2" right under it, and that there are HS mounting holes...Since I have no idea WHICH chipset is overheating though, this is moot...
When a temperature sensor is not being used, most of the time it reports extreme temperatures, because nothing is connected to it.
You may ignore these unused 3/4 pin connections not being used.