Jun 13, 2012
Hey guyz.. Iv built the following config two months back.. Since i din have enough money to go for a good cabinet and cooler.. I bought the antec 100 lite cabinet and used the stock intel heat sink.. Now i got some cash abd decided to buy antec 902 and change the heatsink to cooler master tx3 evo heatsink.

This is my config..
I7 2600 3.2 ghz
Intel dp67bg mobo
4x2 gb 1600 mhz ddr3 corsair ram
Msi twin frozr gtx560ti ddr5 1gb
1tb sata hdd
Samsung dvd writer
Antec 550 watts psu.

What im thinking is.. What temperatures will i get if i switch to Antec 902 cabinet and cm tx3 cooler??
Right now im getting 35 to 40 deg at idle on stock heatsink and anrec 100 lite(i added two additional 120mm x2 coolermaater f

Im not overclocker.. I play games like dota,dota2,cs.. Assaains creed n now downloading maxpayne 3