Temperatures and 100% load


Mar 17, 2004
Hello all,
1)First of all i wonder if 50-60C are normal temperatures
for athlon xp 2600+(barton core)(living in a quite hot country:)).
2)Furthermore i got some strange issues like cpu running at full load when using acrobat reader, playing rise of nations or EVEN playing hardwood solitaire 2 which was designed for win95 and used to run fine at my 120Mhz pc!
Anyone got any idea?
3) What should the vcore be for that cpu? i'm getting 1.710 to 1.720 and rarely 1.740 according to easytune4(gigabyte software)Maybe i should try to lower it from bios or is it ok?


Most bartons use a v-core of 1.65, so try to lower it a bit. Remember though, that the temps shown are rough, as the setup has never been calibrated (cant be). Msi asus and gigabyte error on the side of caution as they usually show higher than true.
Your cpu usage problem is probably a virus. They are comming out so fast right now that most anti-virus progs cant keep up.