Temperatures on GTX660 + Phenom II x6


Aug 10, 2012
Hi All,

Recently I got a new Zotac GTX 660 and it seemed to be running fine initially... very low noise and good performance.... Then suddenly one day while playin Far CRy3 i noticed that there is some noise coming from the fans(not sure CPU/GPU fan)...

I decided to monitor the temperatures and was shocked to see the following:-
CPU - 50C idle, 72C under load (Far Cry 3 high settings)
GPU - 39C idle, 75C under load (Far Cry 3 high settings)
I did some googling and somewhere it was mentioned that the max temperatures for my CPU was 65C. :eek: This alarmed me and i opened up my case and cleaned all the dust from the CPU fans... After the clean up:-
CPU - 44C idle, 65C under load (Far Cry 3 high settings)
GPU - 39C idle, 75C under load (Far Cry 3 high settings)

Now the reason I'm posting this is because I'm having a doubt regarding these temperatures below.
While playing far Cry 3 :-
CPU Usage - 5-6% only, Temperature - 65C
GPU Usage - 80-90%, Temperature - 75C
While playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer :-
CPU Usage - 50-60%, Temperature - 54C
GPU Usage - 40-50%, Temperature - 55C

How is that BF3 which uses more CPU runs it at low temperatures, whereas Far Cry3 which uses minimal CPU runs it at such high temperatures...? :(

Are these normal temperatures for my GPU or there is some problem with my system?

System Config:-
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T @ 2.8Ghz
Zotac GTX 660
650W PSU
Your GPU temps are okay what case are you currently using? Your cards are staying under 80 and that is the part to start getting concerned keep in mind as well that with most cards the speed of the fan will ramp up as more heat hits the card if 75 is the max I wouldn't worry to much.