[SOLVED] Temporarily replacing SSD in PC with one to be wiped

Nov 7, 2019

I currently have a PC with one SSD and one Hard Drive in. The operating system is on the SSD aswell as a few games. The rest is on the HDD. I have an SSD from my old computer that needs to be wiped before I sell the old PC, so I was planning on taking the HDD out my current PC, plugging in the SSD to be wiped, turning the PC on, format the SSD then turn the PC off and put the HDD back in (I don't have a spare SATA cable otherwise I would just plug the SSD to be wiped in alongside the SSD & HDD currently in the PC). However I am concerned that this may mess up some of the games on the SSD since although the core of the game is installed on the SSD for some of them there are 'addons' for the game on the HDD. Will removing the HDD to put the SSD in cause any issues? Will the games and addons all work as they did before when I reinsert the HDD?

Many Thanks,