Temporary Internet Files



I have 31 folders under C:/Windows/Temporary internet files/content.IE5 and each folder collects trash files and many of them are duplicate. Each folder has a name such as: 012U45FP,8X4NC3O3, ect. Can someone tell me what these are? Can I delete the folders without doing harm to my operating system? If not, Is there an easy way of deleting the contents of each folder that is fast and easy? -Jeff


You can delete them, but most of the stuff is probably cookies and small images, so websites might load a bit slower (reloading background images) at first, and might not remember who you are (so you'd have to log back into THGC for example), you might loose track of which links you've clicked on before as the color change goes back to normal, etc. You'll also likely delete a bunch of tracking cookies, aka spyware/adware, which means you'll be hurting a bunch of companies (just kidding).

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