Temporary upgrade plan advice (GPU)

Nov 18, 2018
Current gaming sys build (4 years old; working great):
- Asus Z97-K/CSM and i5-4690K 3.5Ghz
- Gigabyte Geforce Gtx 750Ti 2 Gb
- 16GB RAM
- 600W PSU
- Samsung 840Evo 120Gb SSD
- (2) WD 1TB HDDs
- W7 Home OS

Trying to stretch this for another year or so until next build which will likely be something like an i7-8700K / GTX 1080 Ti rig built to support Star Citizen (I know, I know...) and other gaming wants. (Current box is shared between two teen boys; next build is older son's; this one goes to younger)

Looks like I can drop a Gtx 1070 Ti into the current build, but the question is, "should I?". Would i net any significant gains or am I constrained by cpu/mobo? Research indicates that if yes, then the only other thing I'd need to do for SC is to upgrade the SSD from 120 to 250.

Any thoughts you might have on this temp plan would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
That CPU and PSU will handle a 1070 Ti no problem. I slapped a 1080 Ti into my last PC, which had a i7-950, which scores over 2000 points lower than your 4690k on Passmark, and the FPS I got were close to that of users and review sites benching the 1080 Ti when it came out, using much better CPUs than mine.

The only way in which it will be fairly noticeable is when you play games that are extremely CPU dependent. The vast majority of games are much more GPU reliant.

Here's a clip of Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 build playing on a 4690k and 1070 (non Ti) @ 1080p max.

As far as performance gain, a 1070 Ti is roughly 60% more powerful than a 1050 Ti @ 1080p, and a 1050 Ti is roughly 29% more powerful than a 950 @ 1080p, which in turn is roughly 33% more powerful than a 750 Ti @ 1080p. So yeah, you'll definitely see a big performance gain. You should get at the very least twice the FPS.






Jul 11, 2014
Yes, agree. I run a 4690, no K, and a GTX 1080 lets me game at 1440p with steady 60 fps in newest Tomb Raider fps is higher but my monutkr just 6HZ). Your system can take it.