Temprorily running AMD FX - 4300 with the GTX 1060 6GB/RTX 2060 6GB

Jan 19, 2019
So I am planning to upgrade my PC over the course of 1-1.5 years. My current build is an AMD FX - 4300 CPU with an R7 240 1gb GPU, 16 Gigs of DDR3 RAM and a Gigabyte78LMT Motherboard.

The plan is basically: Get a new GPU - save money - get new CPU/Mb/ram

The GPU I am going for is either the GTX 1060 or the newly launched 2060 depending on the benchmarking for MSI/Gigabyte cards that come out.

In a year or so, I'll be getting a Ryzen 5 (3rd gen if it's out and significantly better than the Ryzen 5 2600/x, or just get the 2600/x with lowered prices[hopefully!!])

My question is, how bad will the performance of my FX 4300 be with the new GPU I have till the time I can upgrade to the CPU? Can I make it run till the time being or will it be unusable bad?

Side questions:
1) What will be the ideal power supply voltage wise for the new build I mentioned above
2) Will the RTX 2060 actually be worth it? If it is, should I get the Founder's edition or wait for the aftermarket ones?
3) Will the Wraith Stealth you get with the Ryzen 5 be enough or should I consider a better cooling solution?




I'd recommend saving your money until you can perform the complete system upgrade. A lot can happen in the "year or so" between the graphics card purchase and the proposed core system upgrade. It could be that by the time you're ready to purchase the core system upgrade, your supposedly new graphics card is already out of date.

Just wait until you can do it all at once.

-Wolf sends


Jul 16, 2014
What is your goal for gaming? 1080p 60fps? 1440p? 4k?

Have you consider buying something like a rx570 right now? It performs within a few fps of a rx580 or 1060. Or maybe even a used rx 480 , 570, 1060, etc.. for about 100$.. One of those GPU paired with your cpu should handle games pretty well over the next 12 to 18m. Maybe a little bit of a cpu bottleneck, but 50 to 60fps 1080p on a lot of AAA games seems doable.

It wouldn't make sense to buy a 2060 with that cpu if it's going to be a year until you upgrade the cpu. You can even buy a brand new 4gb 570 for only 130$ which is a steal and about 150$ for the 8gb. You can find many great sellers on eBay in the 100$ range and buy optional warranty.

Even if you bought a card for 120$ now and sell it for 50$ when you are ready to upgrade the cpu and a new GPU, you still make out pretty well.

Search "fx4300 rx570 benchmarks" and you can get an id3a what to expect. It will do a solid job of gaming while you save up. Here is a video with good results. They use an rx480, but the 570 is basically the same thing. If you find any benchmarks with your cpu and a 480, 1060, 580, 570, 470 the results are all close enough to each other.. all of those are within like 20% fps, but whichever you find the best deal on.

I agree go with a lower card you can sell later. Think about it this way, you would not put a gtx 1070 or 1070ti with that CPU due to a bottleneck created by the cpu. The 2060 is about the power of a 1070ti. Get a 570 or 580, maybe overclock your CPU as much as you can. Then I would say start your upgrade with a new board, cpu and ram. Then you can get a better GPU. I would suggest as well, get the 8gb card, not the 4gb.
Jan 19, 2019
Got it. Thanks alot! Gonna just slug it out with the current system till I save enough for the CPU/mb combo and get the GPU later. Hopefully prices will be down by then. Don't really need more than what's already out there right now.