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Question Temps and BSOD issue


Oct 29, 2018
I'm not sure what is happening with my computer as there are few issues encountered.

1. When I start the PC, (PC was off shutdown for 8 hrs) its directly start lagging, and therefor I restart. In the restart loading screen, it takes a while, then BSOD "Driver Power State Failure". Then it start like normal.
Several times I tried to use DDU, but its always show the same BSOD.

2. Yesterday while gaming, PC suddenly go 95degree and CPU clock goes down to 540Mhz. Restarting the PC and the temps still start at 95c
Turn it on the next day (after PC shutdown for 8hrs), immediately also start at 95c without opening any games.

On the evening applied a new thermal paste, and still start at 95c (PC was off around 5hrs). Restarting a few times and also cannot enter bios by pressing DEL key.

Then I just tap and push my cooler and the tubes, and the PC now working. Can go into bios and set the cpu clock to 3900Mhz at 1.3v, as previously was default setting but I remembered that its written 1.425v auto. But the idle temps are around 50-60. and playing games now around 70-85c.

Now what is the necessary steps to ensure my PC wont have this problem for each problem? Should I change the water cooler? Appreciate your comments in simple way as I'm not tech savvy

Specs :

Ryzen 5 3600 with ID-cooling Auraflow 240 top mounting
MSI B450 tomahawk
G.Skill DDR-4 3200 2x8GB
Galax RTX 2070 Super
Lexar M.2 NVME SSD 240GB
Toshiba HDD 1TB
EVGA 650w Gold
1 fans at the back
2 fans in front