Temps lower on average after prime95 run?


Jan 11, 2008
I built this PC over a year ago. i7920 coolermaster v8.

I recently started OCing, running Prime 95, when I got to my target of 3.2ghz. I ran prime over night.

Successful run no errors etc, but I noticed something odd, after I shut down prime 95, my idle and load temps were on average 5c lower at load and idle than they were before the prime 95 run.

My idle temps @3.2 were in the high 30's to low 40's (I would say an average of 40c, load on prime initially would go up to about 69c.

I noticed my temps were loaded at about 62-63c when I got up the next morning, to check prime When I shut it off my idle temps were ranging from 33c to 36c. (even after a week those temps are holding true)

never really broke 50's before while gaming etc, so that prime run was the first time I really pushed my temps. Could that high temp have somehow made my thermal paste more efficient?

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