Dec 10, 2008

Hello all... I know that 45nm CPUs max heat around 72C, but do these temps seem high or no for 15 minutes on Prime95? Everything works great and I never see temps this high unless benching.

Aside from that, I average 160 fps in most games like L4D, Fallout 3, and HAWX... many others. Seems great, but I am sketchy about the temps.

So, what says the professors? Incase the photo sux, my load temps are as high as 61C w/ CPU.

Also my MCP/SPP temps seem too high as well. Is this a correct assumption?

Thanks in advance.


Oct 12, 2008
I say youre OK, 61c in prime is well within limit and as you already said no game will stress the cpu the way prime does.

For comparison(far from ideal, but..), I used to fry my cheap e5200(45nm) with temps reaching 80c for 12hrs straight, sometimes to a point where thermal shutdown occurs - it was about 5 months ago and the cpu still works fine.
I have a Q9550 OC'd to 3.6 GHz. Load temps reach 63 C - 66 C. It will boot at 3.8 GHz., but it's only P95 stable for a couple of hours.

I wouldn't worry about a 61 C temperature.