Tempting Fate With The 'Destiny 2' PC Beta (Hands On)

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It's too bad Bungie shut down the possibility of using Afterburner for OSD monitoring overlay of my hardware performance during gaming. That and the fact they killed off being able to use GeForce Experience for in-game recording was a deal breaker. I've been using these utilities for years in gaming and refuse to be told what I can and cannot do with my PC. And based on the comments of others out there on that topic, I'm far from alone.
Played some of the beta today. Wow, there's something about it, it just feels right. I tried a Doom free weekend and I was bored to death in minutes. This shooter's just great.

I was maintaining about 100fps at 1080P, everything on High setting.


Sep 17, 2010
Destiny 2 on PC is how this game was meant to be played from the very beginning! - Bungie screwed up by not bringing the original Destiny to PC, though I understand why they didn't, having 4 different platforms to cater for already, adding PC to the mix was too much power for them to handle!

I've thoroughly played the PC beta already now, and compared to Destiny on the PS4 and the Xbox One (I own both), this new game and this new PC version feels like a breath of fresh air... it's so smooth, and crisp and clear, it's just amazing to behold.

The creators of Halo have done good this time, and I love the Halo derived systems in this game... boy did I miss the leap forward/punch mechanic from the Halo series! ;D
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