Terrible Powerline Speeds


Apr 7, 2012
Recently, I bought and built my first gaming PC. I completed the build a few weeks ago and installed Windows over winter break however I had to use my mom's wireless adapter because I didn't have anyway to connect to the internet. While using wireless, I was averaging around 1-1.3mbps. Since I decide I was going to build the computer, I planned to use a wired connection instead of wireless since it would help reduce lag. I thought I had an ethernet port in my room however I later found out it was a phone port and I couldn't use it. Upon researching what to do, I found I could use a powerline to connect to my router upstairs (AT&T) to my PC which is downstairs in my room. I finally got around to buying this Linksys powerline adapter at MicroCenter and when I got home and set it up, I was severely dissapointed. As I type this, I am attempting to download Garry's Mod from Steam and I am averaging around less than 100kbps with a peak download rate of 428.4kbps. I don't know what I should be getting with the powerline adapter, however I think it's a lot more than this. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is this a bad adapter or is it my connection? What can I do to fix this? Changing my ISP is almost impossible because I don't think there's anyway my parents will do it. If it is a bad adapter, can you link to a good one?
All help is greatly appreciated!


No, it is a pretty good adapter, it averages 53Mbps in tests ( http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/lanwan/powerline-charts/bar ). The problem with the things is that when they work they are great, but when they don't due to being on different buses or interference from motors on the circuits they are on, they are very poor. They should be directly attached to the wall -- no surge suppressors or anything and should not have any devices with large motors on the same circuit.

Test them out on a few different power sockets. If they don't get at least 20Mbps, I would return them and consider the choice of wireless with perhaps a wired access point closer to you versus MOCA if your home coaxial cable is within the necessary parameters to work, although it is more expensive than powerline it can work very well, but is a little trickier to install since all splitters on the circuit must be rated to at least 2GHz.


Jan 7, 2013
I am using the exact same power line adapter and i am able to get around 35Mbps on a 35Mbps internet connection. To add on to this, my rig is located in my basement while my internet router is on the second floor. I would first try connecting it to the main outlets as I was instructed to do so by one of salesman and its been working fine. If you are still not able to reach at least 20Mbps, I would also consider returning and maybe trying another power line adapter as the technology has greatly increased compared to before.