Testers for Router Field Test Wanted!


Jul 24, 2012
Hello community members,

my name is Marcel. I would like to offer you an opportunity to try a few new router products, which are going to be launched soon. A popular manufacturer of network products is looking for users in UK and Poland that want to test their router products ahead of launch in this market. I am posting here because I am the one looking for a few people who would like to be part of this, so the new products can be validated for launch to make sure that they work properly. The deal is to install the router, run some tests and report technical data and your experience. In exchange, you can keep the device after successful completion of the tests.

YOU have to:
· be a registered member of tomshardware.com / tomshardware.co.uk

· be able to spare a few hours of your time

· have basic skills and a good understanding of network technology and DSL

· have access to a DSL line (ADSL or ADSL+ at up to 16.000 kBit/s, no VDSL at this point) from one of the 3 top ISPs in UK or Poland

· be able to install the software package, which comes bundled with the router (Windows or Mac OS)

· be able to create screenshots and report findings to us

· provide your shipping address, so we can send you the device

· be available for new product tests in the future. If things go well, this could be one out of many tests.

There is a test protocol, which includes some instructions and some requests.

I also need to make sure that you should only apply if you really want to do this and if you can take this project seriously. We need reliable results and the network company is willing to give away the products in exchange for the time you invest. The testing should be done within a week, but you don’t need more than a couple hours.

If this sounds interesting to you please send me a private message here in this forum with some information about you. All open question can be discussed in this thread or through a PM.