Testing if a motherboard is dead


Jun 7, 2007
I got an outdated motherboard on eBay a little while ago, it finally arrived, so today I hooked everything up:
mobo: asus a7v333
cpu: amd athlon xp 2800+
ram: no name pc2700 512x2 = 1gb.

When I turn on the PSU, the power LED on the mobo lights up, but when I press the power button on the case, nothing happens, I have double checked the connections to make sure I dont have the switches reversed. But still, nothing happens.

So my question is, is there a way for me to test whether the mobo is dead? I am going to keep trying to power this rig up by checking all the connections as I still have a few days with only this rig and my laptop around. Some ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

Be sure you have a working speaker connected to the speaker header on the front control panel of the MB. Remove ALL the RAM and boot. If the MB does not beep signifying there is no RAM in the system, you have a bad MB. I am assuming you know the processor is good and properly installed.


Aug 10, 2006
If it is not the motherboard, try with each individual stick of ram to see if you have a dead one. Check and be sure the CPU is properly installed as is its cooler. Try turning it on by shorting out the pins rather then relying on a switch to do it. If it still points to the motherboard, I would call it a dead board.