Question Testing Network Interface - Upload

May 4, 2019
Hi guys, I’m having the following issue:

I currently have a 120mb internet and on my main desktop PC with cable connection to the router I was experiencing some stutter and what seemed to be low upload/jitter/package loss in some games as LoL, CSGO... after doing a internet speed test I saw that I was getting only 0.3mb of upload.

I tested the WiFi and everything was fine there with 12mb of upload. I tested the cable on another PC and the upload there was ok as well.

So I guess we could rule out issues with ISP, cable and overall setup.

Could this be an issue with my Network adapter? I have a ASRock AB350m mobo and I was wondering how can I test and know for sure that the issue is there. Strange thing that only the upload is bad. On the download side I get even more than what is expected.