Question Testing nmve m.2 slots on a Asus TUF Z390 Motherboard

Jun 9, 2019
I have an ASUS TUF Z390-PRO Gaming motherboard and am trying to test the m.2 slots on it to see if one is faulty. This started when I was attempting to clean install windows on a brand new build using a pair of crucial p1 nvme ssd's with 500 gb each.

At first, the motherboard and windows installer would not recognize either ssd; however, after swapping ssd 1, originally in m.2 slot 1, to m.2 slot 2 the ssd was recognized and I was able to install windows on it. Sadly though the other ssd is still not recognized in either slot.

So now I'm considering my RMA options. It seems to me that the ssd 2 is almost for sure faulty as both ssd's are the same make and model, but I worry that the first m.2 slot on the motherboard may be faulty as well. In trying to test this I took the drive with windows installed on it located in m.2 slot 2, and moved it to slot 1. The bios did not see it as a boot option or recognize the drive.

To me this means that the first m.2 slot must be faulty since the working drive does boot and is recognized in the second slot. This leads to my questions.

Did I get totally screwed with a faulty motherboard and ssd or am I crazy? (the likelihood both are bad seems low)

Would there be a problem moving the good ssd with windows installed on it to another slot or is it the first slot is for sure faulty?

Is there a way to test slots and drives in a way that is not just plugging them in different configurations? (ie. a software solution, diagnostic tool, or maybe oscilloscope lol)

Other Info:
I have tried many different BIOS settings listed here and other forums (disabling/enabling CRM, secure boot, etc.) so I don't believe it has to do with that. Especially since the one ssd was recognized and I was able to install windows, but I am open to suggestions.

Build Specs and links for easy access:
Full Build:
Motherboard in question: ASUS TUF Z390 PRO gaming
SSD's: Crucial P1 SSD

Hope whoever is reading this is having a wonderful day and can provide some help thank you.