Question TEW-809UB USB Wi-Fi Adapter disconnects from PC and massive ping spikes

Sep 12, 2021
Hello all, I am currently trying to get this dang thing to work. As stated in the title my adapter disconnects from my pc every few minutes and my ping spikes to the thousands or times out every few seconds. Every other device in this room connects without issue or interruption, this includes my TV, PS5, and cell phone. I have tried a few things but so far nothing seems to work. Power settings are correct. The USB switcher that sometimes forces 3.0 slots to act like 2.0 is disabled. I've attached a photo of the pings to my router as an example. View:

Windows 10 64bit
Archer A6
So I was expecting this to be the pretty standard question we see here with people using those extremely tiny USB devices that almost fit inside the USB connector.

The device you have is the type I normally recommend. Large antenna and higher power. When I looked this up they actually stated the output power rather than me having to dig it out of FCC documents. It is better than many USB devices but is still far from the legal maximum like a router puts out.

It being USB 2 or 3 makes no difference for packet loss, maybe if you had really faster internet it might run slower on 2 than 3.

The only downside to this device is it is made by trendnet. They are know for "value" products and their support could be better. From what I can tell that device uses a RTL8814AU chipset. Try to get a driver directly from the realtek site and see if it makes a difference.

Since this a USB connected device see if different placement in the room makes any difference.

This could be wifi interference but it is hard to say. There are also some windows settings related to autoconfig that I forget at the moment. Most that stuff has been patched so I don't know if it is even valid anymore. If you get desperate you could try to boot a USB linux image. This would show you if it is some stupid windows setting or something else.