Question Textures and sounds not loading/rendering properly. CPU/RAM/SSD issue??

Jul 19, 2020
Hello fellas, I have a huge problem regarding loading textures in different games.

Since the clear reset of my pc and clean up all of my components (including cpu) this error occurred.. When I join first game in CSGO, I don't hear steps or my gunshot after first shooting. Then it eventually loads everything up and it's playable and overall fine. Same stuff in Warzone, but here it's kinda unplayable, since when I land, all I see is bunch of low poly textures (video) and/or I can't hear the voice commands and the plane (everything on video). I have one idea that it can be because of cpu or ram and it's impossible that it's because of ssd because I have Spore on my M2 ssd and it's doing the same thing.
If anyone knows what I should try, please, let me know down in the comments. Thanks very much 😄👍

Ryzen 5 2600, brand new
RX580 8GB, kinda dead VRAM, pretty old gpu
wd blue ssd 500gigs
crucial M2 P2 500gigs
hyperx pretator 2x8 3200mhz
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