Question TG1682G Port forwarding issues and network re-do from Netgear R7000


Jul 8, 2018
This is going to be long, sorry in advance..
Since roughly it came out, I've had an R7000 router hooked to my cablemodem (originally a Cisco unit, a few years back it became the one in the title). I run said cablemodem in bridge mode, with none of it's wifi crap turned on (pretty much just using it as a cablemodem).
This past year, my internet service has been hit time and time again with all sorts of attacks (DoS, port scans, smurf attacks, etc) and as time's been going on, the R7000 (which is always running the latest firmware) keeps needing to get rebooted, and frequently looses either it's internet connection, or the router disappears from my LAN altogether until I power cycle it.
I've tried all I can think of, all I can search for, and nothing seems to stop it. (read on) Recently on a whim, I threw a laptop onto the cablemodem to see if indeed the ISP's internet (which has also been getting attacked a lot, and had several outtages in my city) worked, kind of to verify or check on the R7000. Low and behold, the internet, in this case, was fine. (logs between losing the router at this point/situation were NOT showing attacks, yet router would end up non-responsive till reboot). This left me thinking maybe my couple year old router is dying and needs replaced.

My router is busy, and while consumer grade, should work well. In fact, up until these past few months, barring an attack here or there, it has worked flawlessly. I host 2 game servers and a teamspeak server on a couple servers. I decided to try just using the cablemodem as an all-in-one solution to more definately rule out my R7000 (you know, if the internet doesn't die daily/weekly for the family, clearly it's the R7000, not my ISP, cablemodem etc) so I copied all my port forwards, and spent an evening re-creating all of them on the cablemodem (bridge mode now off, and wifi set up). Ran all the hardwires off the R7000 to the cablemodem, all that jazz, and began setting up my LAN on a new IP range (R7000 used, this one I shifted the third octet to a different number). Anything that plays a role as a server or essential rig has a static IP here, the rest rely on DHCP.

After it was all set up, the weirdness began, and that's why I'm here...

Game servers (Minecraft and Space Engineers) as well as the TS3 server ALL show up on gametracker as being online. Yea! In fact, they show up on a couple other services too, no problems. Great. So one of my kids says his buddy cannot join the server (Minecraft in this case, but the result is IDENTICAL for SE and TS3). Sure enough, NOTHING is getting in, despite everything being set up properly and turned on/enabled, even with cablemodem firewall disabled, and even though I'm positive the servers are set up, firewalls on them completely off as well. for MC we have a domain name that points to them, it has the correct external IP, and doesn't matter whether you enter the IP or the domain name, it just times out like the server doesn't exist. In game (both SE and MC) neither show the game servers as online. But again, gametracker does. Local IP here on the lan, no problem, gets right on.

Read a ton of posts about this cablemodem and most people say mess with the dhcp address range to kind of force it to reset/delete reserved IP/dhcp info that it's saved, and supposedly this will fix it. It has not. I've tried relying 100% on random DHCP IP's (and adjusting the port forward) as well as assigning static IP's (both through the reserved IP via the cablemodem as well as directly on the servers). No change.

Short of buying a new router, which I know used to work fine, I'm at wits end here. I don't understand why it's not working. And worse, I don't understand how the server trackers are seeing them online yet no one can connect, when on the other router, they've worked literally for over 6 years.

Also tried port scan websites, ya know the trustworthy ones that will tell you if port xxxxx is open or not.. They claim the ports in question ARE open, which backs up the server trackers proper operation (server trackers are public ones, not running on any of my hardware, and not specific to one place/company).

Has anyone else experienced this, and/or have any idea of a working solution?

I should mention also, I have set up game servers on other machines here on both the wired and wireless portions of the LAN (and adjusted port forwards accordingly...) to rule out the possibility of something going haywire on the actual servers and netted the exact same results. I have double and triple checked my external IP, verified the domain name matches/routes to the proper IP, tried both of these directly attempting to connect (for MC anyway, can only say SE see's game fine on LAN tab, not the global listing nor my favorites tab). Again, suggestions certainly welcome, whilst I contemplate pulling the trigger on a new router (nighthawk or otherwise)...

Thanks for your time reading this - I'm sure I missed steps I tried, but I aim to be as descriptive as possible.