Thank you Guys!


Jun 8, 2015
Ever since I was a kid I have always loved technology. I started off playing console games and a little bit of pc games (windows 98). I grew up in a small farm community and a lot of my friends were not tech savvy, so I would have to look up my questions on the internet. The internet back in the early 00's wasn't as easy to navigate as it is now, so finding an answer to a question could take hours. I soon gave up on pc gaming and focused on console gaming.

As I grew older I found that pc gaming was where I could really show my passion for technology and personalize my own setup. I spent about 2 years getting ready for my pc (yes I like to prepare before I make a huge decision). I would watch videos on what parts to get and would try to learn as much as I could. I eventually was led to this site. Once I signed up for an account I soon realized that this was a huge community of people just like me. I was able to ask any question I had and I would get dozens of answers about what I should do. For once in my life I could nerd out and talk technology to people that actually cared and that actually knew what I was talking about. And for that I want to say Thank YOU! Thank you for helping me with my pc issues and thank you for not only helping me, but for helping others around the world. When people work together anything is possible and you guys showed me this and for that I will always look back on this site and remember the lessons everyone helped me with.

Keep up the good work everyone!