News That’s No Moon! Callisto II DIY PC Hits the Right Retro Note


Oct 25, 2017
I beg to differ - that's not an iMac, that's an ADM3A.
They have additional form factors (for 3D printing) which include a case resembling the original Mac, and something called "Callisto J-29", which looks like a grey Commodore PET, but may be modeled on a different '70s terminal. Thanks for the ADMA3A info though. The article was mostly correct in that this site "strikes precisely the right note", but maybe he went a bit overboard on, where he advertises "A TRUE 4:3 ratio 8-inch CRT display" and "All at a fair price of $8,599.99!" I suppose Kevin would actually make the Mac replica , or probably all three models for that kind of money, but...

In the previous article on Tom's about the previous model was called "Fallout-Style RPi Terminal" I suppose calling one an "iMac" avoids repetition, but it also feels a bit clickbate-y. I suppose vintage collectors with money to burn tend to look for iMac's ? I can't even afford an Apple II, so I wouldn't know.
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