The 9 Best New Features of macOS Mojave

Sep 22, 2018
I've been a long time Mac user, but none of this seems very exciting. I want to see a page up/page down button on their laptops, an end page button, and function keys. A number keypad on laptops would be nice for those who work in stocks or accounting. and PLEASE, give us a 17" retina laptop screen. I work in photography, and must also work on a laptop for portability. A large screen makes my work easier and 15" is not enough...especially for the price. I have yet to find a 17" pc laptop screen that matches the invisible pixels and color true tones and depth of the retina display, so for now I'm stuck with mac..yet they don't offer a 17" display. What I do love about Mac laptops is the venting through the keyboard and I believe through the sides a tiny bit. This takes away the lap burns I received from my fujitsu back in 04'. I took a look at pc's the other day in store, and so many vent from the bottom...for a LAPtop, why vent blazing hot air onto the person's legs? Tell me why? This is easily fixed with a lap desk, but's a major design flaw.