The application failed to initiailize propely (0xc0000005)

the application has accessed a part of protected memory 0xc is and adress high up in the allocation table as you can see in the image the area its trying to access is protected so it has multiple causes. most to do with corrupt programs.
all you can do is try different drivers. if the game is direct download like steam then check the cache. check the games site to see if theres a specific problem and fix.

basically what happens is each device in your pc that can be accessed such as a dvd rom, gfx card or cpu and such all have memory allocations when the program tries to access them if it tries to write to a part of memory thats read only orr protected it will cause a crash. some memory can be wrritten directly to and this is how viruses often work and how antiviruses catch them as they monitor specific adrtesses and any calls made to them are flagged.

your issue seems to be high memeory related and genrally pops up with either a badly formed install or a corrupted main exe. like i said look to see if theres a patch that fixes this issue. if not look for different drivers.