"The application was unable to start correctly 0xc000005 click Ok to close the application" keeps popping up

Jul 1, 2018
"The application was unable to start correctly 0xc000005 click Ok to close the application" pops us with almost every software or game except with browsers and few other softwares. Even winrar pops this error

I have been trying to fix this damn error for almost a month that I got almost insane and I never got that angry. I almost wanted to threw my pc in trash but I remember that this might be the last pc that I ever own due to financial problems

I have been browsing in the whole internet in the forums and nothing really helped. I have even given to many of my friends but the also failed to fix it

Things I tried:

-Ran the program as adminstrator

-Cmd repairing corrupted files

-windows repair

-system restore

-system restore with safe mode

-disabled antivirus

-scanned and fixed errors with ccleaner

-uninstalled recent windows updates

-disabled windows defender and windows firewall

-tried clean reinstalling windows 7 but after a few days it got the same problem

-installed all diretx, visualc+ and net framework all versions

-installed "all in one runtimes"

I can't even install latest drivers and some viscualc+versions because the installation itself pops up that 0xc0005 error

Note that some softwares pop up different error other than that "0xc00005 error" but most of them are 0xc0005 and some games just don't launch at all without any errors

Any help to a fix that not listed will be pretty much appreciated because this pc got me crazy. Thanks in advance


If system ended up with the same issue after a few days, what did you install or change right after the issues started? Did you try just running the base Windows 7 with just drivers for your hardware for a while and see if it runs OK, maybe one game or something installed to test it? Do you have some iffy files you got from torrents that are on the system still?