News The Asus ZenBook S Ultra Thin Laptop is on Sale at $150 Off!

Well its adequate now, but as ryzen & intel introduce A LOT of horsepower into the GPU it will age incredibly fast. Looking at the speed of CPU growth, its fine for next 3-4 years IF you can bump ram.. oh DDR3, are we still in 2015?


May 3, 2016
Beware of Asus notebooks!!!

I had recently bought 5 Vivobook X505 Ryzen 3 2200U 4GB notebooks that comes with windows 10 that I had upgraded each one all by myself to a total of 8GB RAM.

So 4 was OK and one of them pops out windows activation expiry warning once every 3 seconds, so after resetting that one to factory setting does not solve the problem, I clean installed windows by myself and went to for drivers.

Turns out none of all drivers for Vivobook X505 in nor works, so I had to take it to service center in Jakarta.

Service center guy notifies me that everything is ok now and notebook is ready for pick up and asks for Rp150,000 (about US$10) service fee because I was supposed to have them install that 4GB RAM chip. So if I don't pay it, he'd get Asus to void my warranty although nothing is broken.

So I won't pay for it and now Asus service center in Jakarta has a million excuse why that notebook is not ready for pick up yet.

Seriously, Asus & AMD, why the hell none of its drivers in nor works to begin with?

Please fix this.