Question The audio from my primary monitor lags and glitches when doing things on my secondary monitor

Jul 16, 2022
If I'm watching a youtube video, or a movie on VLC, or streaming Netflix or something, and I'm doing things on my second monitor the audio will glitch every so often. Like it'll just stop working for a bit and continue on. And it sort of seems to be linked to when I move my mouse or click on things. And it doesn't matter what I'm doing. Browsing the internet, clicking through discord, whatever. Sometimes the audio will stop if I transition my mouse from one monitor to the other, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes if my mouse is kept still for a while and then I move it on the second monitor the audio will glitch and go silent, sometimes it doesn't. It's very weird and random.

Both monitors are 1440p 144hz, the primary monitor is larger though. Both are connected to my 3080 with DP cables. I have an EVGA NU Audio card that my headphones are connected to. And I'm running windows 11, but this issue was happening with windows 10 too before I upgraded a couple months ago.

Any ideas would be extremely helpful. I've been dealing with this for a while and have no clue how to fix it or even what the problem is.


Feb 4, 2007
Check for updates with win 11, check optional updates also... you may be missing them. Check audio drivers and or for a bios update also. After all of that if it doesn't help, check to see if you computer is set to balanced and maybe try performance. Can try swapping the monitor cable also... few things to try. Hope it helps.