Question The Best Home Network

Feb 10, 2023
I am looking for the best way to set up my new home network. I would like to be the fastest, most stable network possible.
To start, I have a Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem with 4 ports running Comcast (Spectrum) advertised at 1 GB. Furthermore, I have 3 Deco XE75 Pros. I also have 1 Archer C1900 (High Speed MU-MIMEO Wireless Mesh Router) and 2 Archer AC1750 Mesh Routers. And give or take, I have an AC750 Travel Extender/Router/Access Point.
I run 4 Streaming TVs, 3 Laptops, 4 Security Cameras, and many, many smart devices.
Currently, I have the cable coax to the BM8600 port 1 to Deco XE75 Pro via the 2.5 GB port. Wireless from there to the other two Deco XE75 Pros as access points. The other routers & extender are not currently used.
I have both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz on, and the 6E as well. I use the same network SSID and password for everything. The guest setting is off.
The only real issue that I have had is with some of the smart devices that need 2.4 GHz. Some apps recognize that my phone is connected to 5 GHz and require 2.4 GHz. Others still will not connect even though I temporally change the band on the Deco to 2.4GHz only then set them up, then turn the 5GHz back on. This problem is why I am considering adding the older router(s) back in the mix.
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This is the problem with using the same ssid for everything. You are hoping the end device will figure out how to connect to the best signal. This is where it gets tricky. Is a stronger 2.4g signal better than a slightly lower power one on say 5g or 6g. 2.4g is not absorbed by walls as easy.
5g and especially 6g have a lot more bandwidth so they should be faster even with slightly less signal levels. Also there is no way to tell how much usage there is on any radio band both inside and even worse outside your house.

A addition issue is the router will sometimes use radio channels on the 5g band that the end device does not support so even though a device can use 5g it can't connect on those channels.

This is mostly because people are lazy and want some magic boxes they take out of the box and plug in and everything magically works without them having to read anything. Most are too stupid to know that what they installed is not running in a optimum configuration but they can brag to all their friends that they have a mesh system in their house.

I do not know how much control you have over those particular mesh units. It tends to be best to set the ssid for the different bands to different names. It is best to manually assign the radio channels if it has the option. I tend to also set the ssid on even say the 5g radio bands different. It makes their so called "seamless" roaming not work but that is a myth anyway since the end device not network controls where it connects.

The more you can manually tune and set the better. This way you the human who is smarter than any magic boxes can set things up. At a very minimum I would change the SSID for the 2.4g if the mesh system allows it.