The best way of copying my Windows installation to a smaller HDD?


May 18, 2012
I'm almost certain my "new" hard drive I bought last August is the cause of constant BSODs. I've re installed Windows and they keep happening, so...

I have a smaller hard drive (320gb vs the "new" 750gb) that is currently in an external USB enclosure. I want to copy my current Windows installation (which includes everything, including my files) onto this hard drive. This 750gb drive only has 120gb used on it at the moment. The partition is larger than 320gb, though.

So, how would I go about doing this? Should I shrink the partition down to <320gb then copy partitions? What program should I use (to copy)? How can I be sure that, since this drive (750gb one) obviously has problems, it won't screw up during the copying procedure? Oooor should I just backup my important data and do a fresh Windows install? (please note, I really don't want to to the latter. I'm not 100% sure it is the hard drive, as it had passed all of the SeaTools tests. I have no extra RAM to test out the RAM with, but it shouldn't be the RAM, as it has passed memtest to 17+ passes.)

In case it matters, this is a laptop, so >1 hard drive in the computer at once is not possible (besides USB).