[SOLVED] The case back panel removable metal vents hit off motherboard.


Apr 20, 2017
I apologize if this is in the wrong sub-forum, I honestly couldn't figure out where else to put it, lol.

Anyway, so I have no clue what they are called but on the back of the Phanteks P400, there are those little removable metal vent pieces. I either didn't have this issue on my last set up with a mini-ATX motherboard, or I just didn't notice it, but on my new build with a full size ATX, when I tighten down those metal plates enough that they don't move, the side opposite from the screw pushes out and each one rests against the side of the motherboard.

I obviously don't want 6 random pieces of metal touching the side of my motherboard, so I guess my real question is, do these serve any other function other than just blocking dust?

If that's all they do, I'll buy a roll of filter material and cut it to fit and screw it in or magnet it on, lol.

They fit perfectly flush with the back of the case, UNTIL they get tightened down enough that they aren't flopping around back there.

With the pieces removed, you can see how close this full size ATX is to the side of the case.

With one of the pieces in, but all of the remaining pieces do the same thing:


Sep 18, 2013
Hmm, it shouldn't be touching the rear vent plates like that. Especially when powered on since if god forbid something happens like a short then the motherboard is history. Those are essentially to block out dust and only removed when peripheral devices take up slots so yeah it's for blocking out dust.
Heck, I know some OC'ers remove all of them just to circulate air even more but at the expense of more 'particulates' coming in from that section, unless you can jerry rig a screen of some sort. Usually there's some reasonable space between that little gap, at least for newer PC cases as older ones were a complete hit or miss as far as ATX fitment issues. Good luck!
I don't think it's going to matter much as long as they aren't touching anything conductive on the motherboard and they aren't stressing the motherboard.

That being said. I wouldn't like it either.

First of all....they aren't necessary......and dirt and dust DOES get by them anyway.

I would go with the filter material.

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