Question The clock speed of my GPU is not working properly

Mar 22, 2019
just finished building my PC a couple of days ago the only problem is that ive been having very low fps on some of the least demanding games (CS:GO) ive had trouble downloading drivers and have had to use some of the older drivers (This isnt really great for me because i would like to have better fps) ive been stuck with this for a while i decided to try to overclock my GPU to see if i could get any better performance. I used the MSI Afterburner and ran into a couple of problems, when i increased the core clock it would only reach 975Mhz and the minimum i could go is 405 Mhz not sure why but i then increased the fan speed and at only 35% it sounded like there was a jet taking off in my room, ive also had multiple black screens due to (i assume) drivers turning off the GPU. At this point ive decided that the GPU, which was bought off eBay for only £50 (Yeah i know i should've seen that coming) must be faulty in some kind.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Intel Core i5-6600