The Complete History Of Star Wars PC Games

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May 2, 2011
The entry for KOTOR 2 is screwed up. You should double check that.

I really enjoyed the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight games. I tried to replay through Jedi Knight 2 a year or two ago and I got instant motion sickness. I'm not as young as I used to be.


Nov 4, 2013
You have the Dark Forces I and II info off. The lightsaber/Jedi stuff along with the live action cutscenes was not introduced until Dark Forces II. The original was strictly 2d animated cutscenes and there was no Jedi/Force stuff.
Dark Forces - Played that years ago when it was new.
System requirements at the time were high.
It neede windows 95 which was fairly new and it needed 16MB of ram so my friend upgraded his computer just to be able to play it.

Funny thing is.. today my current computer has 1000x that amount of ram.


Jun 25, 2016
I remember 2 Episode 1 (Phantom Menace) children's/edutainment games which didn't make your list. Our kids (& us) played a lot of "Star Wars: Pit Droids", which was a Lemmings-like puzzle game. There was another one they didn't like as much (esp. not my oldest) which had players helping Boss Nass (whose voice my oldest didn't like at the time) terraform one of Naboo's moons and designing habitats & ecosystems to Gungan tastes (perhaps for a proposed Gungan colony?) -- but I can't remember the title of that one.


Dec 29, 2011
I vaguely recall one from the old Macintosh days (black and white), back when games were so much more absorbing, or maybe I was..


Apr 28, 2017

Haha nice share. Opened the link and downloading it.
I knew I had read this story before! In any event, the gaming Star Wars franchise for me has been hit or miss over the years. My first one besides playing the 1983 video arcade game in malls was 1996's Shadows Of The Empire on the N64. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A lot of diverse game play, the story line, etc. Two years later I got into PC gaming with a Dell Pentium II 333MHz CPU with an Nvidia Riva 128 GPU, and bought Rogue Squadron. It remains my all time favorite Star Wars game only because it focused on flight.

Then when I got a PS3 in 2007 I returned back to console Star Wars with Force Unleashed, which I didn't really care for. The only other SW gaming franchise I've experienced since was the free limited time demo of 2015's Battlefront. The fact that it essentially had no single player campaign kept me away. Not everyone wants to just play online with strangers (or friends for that matter).

This is also why I refuse to buy Battlefront II even though they have a more in-depth single player campaign. And that's not even getting into the valid complaints of DRM and that idiotic pay for loot box nonsense (even after paying $80 for the "deluxe" edition). I understand as of yesterday that EA backed down on that loot box situation due to the massive social media and internet forum backlash. But for me, it's too little, too late.

Then there's the issue of dumbed down graphics for consoles when it comes to the PC version of BF2. Guru3D has a good review of PC hardware requirements and benchmarks including mentioning being locked out of the game for switching too many GPUs for testing (SERIOUSLY EA???). Leave it to EA and DICE to jack things up. Again. I refuse to support stupidity in game development.

Simon Anderson

Sep 22, 2013
"With the approach of the seventh instalment in the primary movie series" - Was this article originally written in 2015? Looking forward to the EIGHTH instalment :)
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