Aug 15, 2006
Windows copy system is really annoying me, its crapy slow basic and has some other stupid things about it.

1. When copying from a CD/DVD and you r copying many files from a DVD eg. (DVD of mp3 backups) and you get a cyclic reduduncy check error the entire cd stops copying. Y does it just not just skip the file that cant be copied? so you left with trying tom figure out which files copied to hard disk and what didnt (TIME CONSUMING) give me a report at the end of what wasnt copied and why, dnt BAIL! (anybody experiance this?)

2. When playing a VCD OR DVD video files on a DVD player and you get a jerk in the movie (DVD player cant read some data) you just skip past the part that jerkd and continue watching the flick right? Now when you try to copy a slightly (very slightly damaged) Movie to HDD you WILL GET a cyclic reduncy check error! Now Windows why dnt u just copy the movie as is with the jerky parts!? (maybe easier sed than done but i dnt think so me not a programmer).

3. Copying in general seems ineffeciant specially when copying from optical.

Now my question is does anybody now of software that replaces windows crapiness?