Question The creepiest CMD command ever

Feb 14, 2019
For any of you who know what Herobrine (The minecraft entity) is, me and my friend were playing with the command prompt trying to make it seem like herobrine had appeared using the following command:

cls && set Herobrine=(color f2 && prompt Herobrine && echo welcome)

what we thought the command would do is set the variable herobrine to, when run, change the color, change the prompt to Herobrine, and say welcome.

What this command should actually do, is set a variable called herobrine to "(color f2", change the prompt to Herobrine, and say welcome).

so, after executing the above command, it does what it should:

but then, try typing %Herobrine%.
instead of producing an error since (color f2 is not a valid command, it does this:

It just says "More?", and commands don't work!!!

Leave your thoughts below!!!


As you already know, the variable is being truncated. Only the (color f2 is being added to the variable.

So when you try to run that variable by typing %Herobrine% only the first command in the parenthesis is being run.

The reason it's asking for More? is because you started a command with an opening parenthesis and now it expects more commands and/or a closing parenthesis.

(color f2 is the start of a command. It want's more, or a ) to end. Type in a few more commands and then end it with the closing parenthesis.

(color f2
echo Hello world!

Then the More? goes away because the command is complete.

Alternatively, you can press Left Ctrl + Break to end the
More? prompt.

Discussion of this topic elsewhere:
The final answer from Kari clarified it for me.

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