Question The Division 2 still a popular game?


Apr 11, 2019
Just redownloaded the game on Uplay ,ubisoft launcher, and having a good time with it even though ı do not follow the main story and most of the time don't know what I'm doing I was upset because there are no snow locations (The division 1 had snow) but still playing it div2, since there are armour and easy to defeat foes most of the time. However I'm having hard time to matchmake in most missions, seems like no one using matchmaking group finder? Also this is on Ubisofts launcher so cannot see any population ups and downs as in text. (Steam community tab shows the In Game population of everygame)

I see people in safe houses in game but they are just standing there doing nothing?

Is it worth to play as in 2022? I mean I can play as solo but also like to see people playing it too.
I got sucked into the first Division game when Ubi offered a free trial, then bought a copy off eBay bundled with the Survival DLC for like $12. The trial was very misleading because it didn't show ANY of the excessive grinding you have to do for better gear. Granted I've never been a huge fan of tiered loot games, but Ubi is the absolute worst I've seen at making them.

Anyway, regarding server activities in games, there's a site that shows live player count.

Keep in mind this is an estimation of global activity on all platforms, so if you consider only servers close enough to you for an acceptable ping, it's much lower. To me it looks like low popularity factoring desirable ping.
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