[SOLVED] The Division 2 strange CPU/GPU overheats since last update

Apr 11, 2019
The Division 2 heats my CPU and GPU since the last title update 3, in half hour or so my processor reaches to 57c or higher, I'm a tech freak so I have to reduce my heat as much as possible, the point is this wasnt like this before the update, temperatures (both cpu and gpu) was around 33c-45c in hours of playing, something happened in title update 3(?) and now I'm getting much higher temps for no reason. I also just did cleaned the dust on my PC with a air blower so there isnt any problem on that front. Here is my hardware and in game settings. Mind you this happens with CPU power limited to %51 max in windows power settings. %45 - %51 System Cooling: Active

4790K, GTX 1050ti, 16GB ddr3, Windows 10 1803

1360x768 Fullscreen
Extra streaming distance: none
AA: medium
Shadow quality: low
Shadow spot res medium
Shadow spotlight low
FX effects: turned off
Terrain quality: low
Rendering %50
Sharpen: 10 (max)
local Reflection: medium
particle quality: low
Tree and landscape thing: medium

NVIDIA Control Panel

Texture: high performance
Max pre rendered frames to 4 (to get better experience in low fps, thats what NVIDIA Control Panel says in description)

I also like to say that these settings above was originally put to medium to high (not ultra) and wasnt getting this much of heat on my system while playing. In fact I was playing with Extra Streaming Distance set to 7 and there was no stutter,lag,fps drops or anything, it was very smooth and enjoyable experience. Whatever happened with the title update 3 banged up everything in my game and temps. I know these temps are normal, but I was getting much more cooler temp before the update so I'd like to get that again if possible. My biggest concern here is my CPU since I can cool down my GPU with MSI afterburner manual fan. My CPU is at 4.0GHz so I guess its no overclock, but I did disabled the hyperthreading since when it on my computer becames a hot oven.

Some people advised that turning off the fullscreen optimization from the game .exe, should I do that? This issue really bugs me out because I just purchased this game like a week ago or so and I was having great time with it.

I need help, thanks in advance,
57C is still a very cool temp for being under load and is nothing to worry about. You've limited your CPU's performance to keep low temps. Are you using the stock Intel CPU cooler? Have you not considered upgrading to a better cooler so you don't have to cripple your CPU?
Apr 11, 2019
I'd be happy at 70C -CPU and 80C GPU for long term gaming, wouldn't even bat an eyelid below this.
Thanks for the reply, I mark your reply as my answer, I found that putting a home fan front of my PC case is extremely helpful to reduce the heat especially the CPU, but the direction is critical, exact front of the CPU is not working does reverse effect which doubles the heat in seconds, so I did put a bit left side and it worked. My CPU went down to 39c-44c when in game (not the main menu, actual in game) I also now have better understanding of the Intel i7 CPUs, they are fast but also horrible temperature management meanwhile my friends from college having AMD Ryzen with stock fans and having much better temps. I will be too switching to AMD sooner or later anyway plus they are cheap than Intel ones in my location. So good luck cooling down that 5.0GHz Intel CPUs in near future, ironic that is this is not even trolling or meme anymore,

I wont keep you guys busy anymore further as my problem is solved, thanks all and good day,