The driver also has the patch? ATi catalyst Bug


Mar 2, 2004
Since the ATi catalyst driver came out, the Radeon series reveals even more powerful, obtained the multiuser favour. These months, ATi has promoted Catalyst one after another 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4. But after has used the above edition catalyst driver, many users discover in the new actuation in the monitor attribute option, adjustment "gamma" value malfunction. Moreover, in some games and the application software, the adjustment color and brightness function cannot normally use, creates not the small puzzle to the user. Now has been good, ATi has most newly promoted a patch procedure "Driver Hotfix", specially uses for to solve the above problem, has the need the reader may go to here to download (9.2 MB): Http://

Certainly, this patch also can contain in the next edition catalyst driver, the user Don't worry to bump into this kind of question again.
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And unsless you are having issues with your gamma profiles there's no need to worry about downloading the hotfix (although it couldn't hurt really).

It's mainly for 3rd party monitor tweaking app gamma issues, and for game profiles.

I did mention it briefly in the Catalyst thread, but just as a feature included in the new Omegas.

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Sep 24, 2001
Who'd thought ATI had so many problems with their software support?

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