The End of Era


I'd discovered true unadulterated bliss in November 2010. On the 21st to be exact. See, that's the day something truly wonderful and life-changing happened. It was a sunny day as I recall...a beautiful day. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before, tossing, turning, ...levitating in my bed. This would be the day that changed history as I knew it. This would be the day that... ...the leviathan arrived. A 2010 Xeon 3.3Ghz 6-core nasty-fast-nasty Mac Pro. She arrived. I cried happy tears [I think I did anyways]. She would be used to virtualize the world...running multiple networked virtual machines simultaneously...effortlessly, undeterred, as I simultaneously encoded video and miixed dance tracks. She would change the world as I knew it...and she did. Nothing slows her down.

2 years have passed and I've upgraded her, RAID0 Vertex2 128GB SSDs and RAID0 600GB Velociprators, 24GB of RAM, dual 27" Cinema Displays, LightScribe burner. She's raw. What'd she cost? Errr...let's not talk about that...but less than a new Corvette I assure you. ..but I realize I no longer really have a need for such planet-destroying, black-hole vaporizing power. My MacBook Pro now quite easily fulfilling my needs as I spend more time with it and even more mobile technologies {SGS3, Transformer Infinity+dock}.

...and so, the unthinkable will happen...

She will be sold.

So, in your honest opinion when she's put up on the auction table what's a fair price for such a machine in pristine condition? I know I cannot get anywhere near what she costs, but don't want to be totally ripped-off either. Again, her specs are:

2010 3.3Ghz Hexa-core Mac Pro
AMD HD5870 {1GB RAM}
2 x 128GB Vertex2 SSDs in RAID 0
2 x 600GB WD VelociRaptors in RAID 0
2 x 2011 27" Apple Cinema Displays
1-year of Apple Care remaining
She's in very clean condition, I've blown her with compressed air EVERY week since she was purchased to ensure no overly-bold dust got too comfortable.

No, I'm not soliciting offers here, I just want to get some honest opinions about what I should charge. Your thoughts, as always, are much appreciated.

- Brad
How did you decide to proceed on this? I still think (per the discussion on the other thread) that Craigslist (especially in your area) will do better than you might think.

Good luck!



Thanks, I hope so. I'm going to get everything ready and put it up for sale next week.