The fans spin but no on screen graphics appear and the monitor works and was tested.


Aug 23, 2015
Please tell what I could replace to make it work again. I think it could be that the Psu and GPU will not work together so please tell me if thats the case.

Psu: Coolmax 500w 120mm fan

gpu:leadtek whiniest px9400GT 1gb ddr2 128bit HDCP Rohs video card

CPU:intel core 2 quad

16gb of ddr2 ram

Motherboard Asus P5NSLI

I was thinking to buy a ASUS GeForce GT 610 2GB DDR3.
If this gpu or my current one won't work please give me a few ideas for a cheap 2gb gpu that will work.
Also the computer is not able to boot at all so when I turn it on the only thing that happens is the fans spin but the monitor does not detect a video input.

P.S. the monitor works and I tested it.

Also the onboard graphics aren't working so it is not a driver problem.
The computer boot doesn't get far enough so I can’t
access the bios.
Any help would be very useful also I will not upgrade to a newer type of build.
onboard going to be disabled unless you pull the gpu on those older mb. if you have a friend that has a volt meter check the outputs of the 24 pin atx plug. most times your older power supply a cap will dry out and fail.