Question The Godfather game crash


May 16, 2017
Upon finding my old CD with Godfather I decided to play it again, however upon launching the game, there is only brief black screen followed by return to the desktop. I've tried various solutions posted online like changing folder name from "movies" to "_movies", various patches, compatibility mode, running game as administrator or running it in 640x480 resolution to no avail. I have Windows 10 and my laptop is fully capable of running modern games. I attach the log from the game folder with the error message.

Time of Exception: 22:54:18.590 17/3/2019 (D/M/Y)
Exception Code: 0xc0000005
Access Violation Exception: Due to the thread attempting to read from an inaccessible address
Access Violation Address: 0x0000001C
Exception is continuable
Exception Address Details: 0x007B49BA [.text]:0x003B39BA D:\The Godfather\godfather.exe
Process Path: D:\The Godfather\godfather.exe
Current Directory: D:\The Godfather
Command Line: "D:\The Godfather\godfather.exe"
Process ID: 0x000014D8
Thread ID where exception has occurred: 0x00002D84

System Details:
Computer Name: MSI
User Name: user1
Number of Processors: 8
Page size: 4096
Lowest Memory Address: 65536
Highest Memory Address: 2147418111
Global Memory Status: Using GlobalMemoryStatusEx
Memory Load: 42
Physical Memory: 8306804 Kbytes
Physical Memory (available): 4779080 Kbytes
Page File: 12501108 kbytes
Page File (available): 6895276 Kbytes
Virtual Memory: 2097024 Kbytes
Virtual Memory (available): 1522960 Kbytes
Windows XP v6.0
Current Build: 6002
Service Pack: Service Pack 2
Current Type: Multiprocessor Free
Windows Directory: C:\WINDOWS
System Directory: C:\WINDOWS\system32
Normal Boot
Monitors: 1
Virtual Screen 0, 0, 800, 600
Active Display (Bits per Pixel): 32
Active Display (Width): 800
Active Display (Height): 600
Active Display (Refresh Rate): 60
Mouse Buttons: 5
Network present
ANSI Code Page: 1252
OEM Code Page: 437
User Default Lang ID: 1033
System Default Lang ID: 1033
User Default Locale ID: 1033
System Default Locale ID: 1033


May 16, 2017
To run it on any Windows OS newer than XP, you need to install the SilentPatch. The reason is the movie player software the game uses is not compatible with these more modern OSes.
Thank you but I tried this option too. Unless I do something wrong, but I mean unpacking the patch in game files can't be that hard. Worst thing is there is no errors or anything. Just maybe 5 seconds of black screen, no music, videos and just crashing back to desktop.