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Anyone who has known me, knows that I always wanted this case, and its finally here!
Picked it up for 30 euro on the used market, only 'downside' is that the plexiglass on the side panel is broken, but I don't care about that since I'm planning to replace the entire side panel with a tempered glass window down the line.
The case arrived today and it was in pretty good condition, no rust, no missing parts apart from the missing VGA bracket that came with the case way back in 2010, so who knows where that bracket is know XD, and the front fan cover, but I manage to find that part, should be arriving on Monday, I also got a free optical disk drive! :D, I will try to run some really old games that I have on disks some day lol. Anyhow, the rear and top exhaust fans are in perfect condition, both working silently, on the other hand I couldn't connect the big 230mm fan in the front, since my motherboard doesn't have 3 chassis fan connectors, it only has 2, so the rear and top exhaust fans are the priority for now. I will see if I can find a fan hub to connect all 3 fans together.
I will probably get a 5 slot fan hub, it will serve me well if I plan to upgrade to more fans in the future.
The case's size really shocked me, like even when I read it was 60cm tall, 55cm long and 23cm wide, I couldn't fathom the ACTUAL size of it, its like a stove, really. But since it is that big, the possibilities with it are truly endless. From custom watercooling loops, to having 7 slots for your HDD's, support for E-ATX motherboards,etc... it really is a giant.
The things I like about it the most are:
1) Easily removable HDD bays, basically you just slide it out
2) the adjustable PSU shroud
3) despite its size the entire case is pretty silent, considering the fact that for the last 2 hours I'm sitting beside it without the side panel on, and I can barely hear anything,
4) the little adapter for SATA ports, for extra drives, and this is actually useful since my motherboard has 6 SATA slots, so if I wanted to pop 2 more drives in there, I can just connect a MOLEX cable to the adapter, hook up the drives to the adapter and call it a day. Super interesting feature.
5) Cable management is really easy in this. If you cant be bothered zip-tie everything up, you just slide it under the PSU shroud or the removable HDD bays, and you won't see a thing.
6) Support for EVERYTHING, all kinds of radiators, huge triple-fan GPU's (multiple GPU's also), huge air coolers, all kinds of fans all over the case, the possibilities truly are endless with this case.
You could say what peaked my interest the most about this case is its 'freedom'? Endless space for creativity, which I didn't have with my previous case, which was a tragedy, it was a Raidmax Neon RGB and I had to cut the entire front panel to have some airflow in the case (the process is in my signature if you're interested). With the HAF X, airflow is the least of my concerns. In a few months I plan on doing a entire new specs change, so it will look even nicer with that. I will throw in some RGB strips, Tempered Glass panels on BOTH sides of the case, so I can flex my cable management skills hehehe, possibly some sort of water cooling loop down the line. I really don't plan on replacing this case for a WHILE.
But the case is pretty difficult to build in, at least for me it was. Took me around 6-7 hours to figure everything out, clean the case, swap the parts from my old case into this one, do the cable management, rearange some things in it to make it even a little bit nice and modern. but this is just the beginning.
I'm just happy to bring this old giant back to life!
Thank for reading this ;)

Here are some pictures:
View: https://imgur.com/gallery/kvfIdjn

The old case can fit perfectly fine in the HAF X lol!

EDIT: Excuse the 'cable management' around my setup, I just wanted to hook everything up and see if it works.
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