The "hide modes this monitor can't display" box is grayed out.


Jan 14, 2008
Greetings everybody

This is one very annoying problem that has been bothering me for a long time. It seems from time to time that the "hide modes this monitor can't display" box is grayed out for no reason at all and sometimes its available; the unsupported screen resolution modes and refresh rates are available (which I don't like) because my games, especially FS9 automatically adjust to unsupported resolutions and the screen goes blank; saying the monitor is out of frequency, then resets.

Sometimes when I restart my computer, the check box is grayed out. This is a problem because anytime I update my ATI Radeon x1950 Pro graphics card, my resolution resets to a really low value, like 1080x1050 or 800x600 and I have to pan around my desktop instead and change it back. Everytime this happens, I change my resolution back to 1680x1050. Is there anyway to make the "hide modes this monitor can't display" box available permanently? I have a Westinghouse 22 inch LCD monitor coupled with an ATI x1950 Pro graphics card.

Does this problem stem from my monitor or graphics card?

Thanks for your help


Mar 2, 2003
Maybe see if you can get drivers for your monitor - sometimes if the PC sees the monitor as a play and play generic monitor it doesnt know what modes its capable of, thus it cant hide those modes it is not capable of cos it dont damn well know.

I had similar issues on that card with my Samsung CRT but an install of the drivers feeds Windows all the monitor's info.


Jun 28, 2009
it means u didn't install the monitors driver. like mine i have an LG WS1642S 16 Inch Widescreen LCD monitor, it comes with a driver cd, not really an installer type but only an .inf file. you gonna right click that .inf file then it says install. it will copy some files to your windows system, ive seen one ICC profile, maybe its the color of the monitor and its native resolution sometin like that. then when i checked that greyed out thing "hide modes this monitor can't display" , its already there you can click and put a check on it. then i go back to the slider were u can increase the monitors resolution its fixed to 1360x768, cant slide it no more to higher resolution, thats good. coz if someone slide it to a higher resolution maybe problem may occur, maybe out range somethin like that. then u have to boot up in safe mode to reverse it.

Check if you have a cd along with your monitor.