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I'd make one... Raspberry Pi is dual core... Chromecast isn't quad core, dunno about Amazon's and Roku's offerings..



I'm looking at units with a Amlogic S812 quad core chip and an octa-core Mali 450 GPU. Also there is a comparable Rockchip RK3288 quad core chip. These TV sticks and boxes range from $50-$200 but I've never heard of any of the brands so I don't know whats reliable. Reviews are pretty mixed as well. I'd like to be able to use a wireless keyboard and transfer files via thumb drive.

InstaBox MX4

Beelink R89

MXIII Amlogic S802 Android 4.4

Something along those lines. Just have no idea whats going to last three days and whats going to last years?


Feb 5, 2015
I think the MSI fast boot is to fast for me to reach the bios lol. I wanted to try my 4.4ghz overclock, and stress test it. I hope there's a reset button somewhere on my motherboard :L

tiny voices

Recently someone asked how much my computer cost. I couldn't come up with a dollar amount to save my life but I thought about it and itemized everything and finally figured it out. Here are some pics of my current configuration:

i5 3570k at 4.5ghz - free from friend who had a PSU fry a prebuilt
IPB-Z001 cooler - free from a parts box at a friends. Actually very impressed with it's cooling power. I have a 212 EVO fan on it.
MSI z77a-GD65 - $80 (I think) from Onus
2x4gb Gskill kit - Paid full $68.
1x4gb Gskill - free from same friend with fried prebuilt. He gave me both sticks but one was toast. I will be buying another soon.
2tb Seagate HDD - free from external USB HDD I got for free with my dad's laptop purchase
Corsair 300r - paid full $65 price from microcenter
gtx760 - paid $90 used
Antec HCG-750 - $89 microcenter
dvd drive - $13 microcenter
NZXT Sentry mesh fan controller - $24 newegg.
case fans - free with other cases that people did not want.

total: $429

amazon fire tv seems to be the goto box for xbmc modding. the soon to be released google tv looks promising. intel nuc, zbox, etc for more horsepower.

there are quite a few android boxes using quad core soc chips on ebay, though im not sure of how reliable they are.

it really depends on how small you want it to be.

my new build i just completed yesterday…
pentium g3420t $42 ebay
asrock h81m $33 ebay
4gb 1333 cas9 $0 free from a computer recycle center i went to at night, people drop of decent prebuilts there
32gb adata sp600 ssd $21 ebay
antec vp450 $20 newegg after rebate
silverstone ml04b htpc case $42 ebay
$158 total.


Tiny, love the mippers (Man Slippers), I have mine on right now!

I installed the 780 Classy today. It ran pretty hot, swapped the paste, same results. Cleaned up the cables and adjusted case fan speeds. Helped a few degrees. I snapped some pictures while I was in there..



I don't have enough parts left for a whole loop. I switch gear a lot and hardly push it beyond air capability anymore so I am just stick to air coolers on my GPU. My CPU runs at 4.7GHz on this little AIO, not sure it's worth the few hundred for a full loop on that front either. I might get back into watercooling but it's a truly a hobby and labor of love.

tiny voices

Stick, I love the mippers too! Wear them everywhere. Best things in the world. I am actually on my like 4th pair in the last 4 or so years because I weak them basically anytime I am not outside.

I'm coming around on the whole AIO thing. This one I have now is quite a good cooler and I attribute that the the excellent radiator which has quite a high FPI. I have a 212 EVO fan on it now and it keeps the 3570k cool at 4.5ghz no problem, but I want to get it as quiet as my Zalman CNPS 9900max was.

Also, I need to get myself a new HDD as mine is going bad. I have the dreaded walk away for 15 mins and come back to a black screen that says "reboot and select proper boot drive".


Jan 10, 2014
Oh, what happened was I got the 290 from a 3rd party seller who was a bit shady on amazon for around $180. There was a lot of artifacts, so I returned it, and couldn't find as good of a deal so I just decided to get a 280x and cfx it in a month or so.