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Question The most difficult COD Warzone audio issue

Jun 18, 2020
Hello everyone! I need help with the audio on my cod warzone. I have done almost every troubleshoot method I can possibly find or think of.

Situation: all other games, YouTube, and music players work with no issues on both my headset and Bluetooth speakers. Cod warzone previously used to work with no critical settings changes or physical changes.

Problem: When I load into modern warfare the game loads in with no issues, audio works throughout the menu. When I start warzone/ multiplayer , typically 30 seconds in my audio cuts out to the point where I can hear a static and a 90% reduction in my in game noise. My mic audio still works with my friends, but the sound is essentially glitched and unplayable for the rest of the game.

1. I have tried 3 different headsets with different input methods(Bluetooth, USB, and AUX jack) and all resulted in the problem occurring

2. I reinstalled and double checked all my drivers

3. All essential devices on my computer are up to date with drivers

4. Headset spacial settings (off, windows sonic, and Dolby) all tested and created different sounds with the problem. Windows sonic switched mid game sounded like it was going to fix the glitch but it ended up going out anyways.

5. I even RESET my ENTIRE PC. re installed windows and re partioned my drives and all (surely this would work right?). WRONG

COD Warzone started with pretty much Nvidia drivers and mobo drivers and still produced this glitch.

this is where I pretty much lost most of my options. I started considering this may be a hardware problem conflicting with cod modern warzone

my listed hardware:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3700x

Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite WiFi

Ram: Corsair RGB Vengeance 4x8GB 3200

Storage: rocket Q nvme ssd 1TB + tforce SSD 1TB

GPU: MSI RTX2060 super gaming X

Power supply: gold rated 750w

Case: Corsair icue 220t rgb tempered glass

Fans: Corsair icue ll120 x3

My buddy recently built a PC with the same motherboard and CPU but was able to get warzone working with no issues. Again, my PC is working in all areas except for this one instance in cod modern warfare. It was working previously with no issues and I changed nothing. My PC is not over locked and I built it within the last month. Please help me, I’ll answer any question I can
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Jan 6, 2012
You could try turning off "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" in the sound control panel

do it for playback and recording tab and see if that helps

Right click audio bottom right > open sound settings > (Right side) select sound control panel > double click on your audio device (Headphone) > Advance tab
Jun 18, 2020
Unfortunately this method did not work when trying it now. I have tried t his on and off before when the game worked, so i feel like that is not the issue. Thank you for help!
Jul 24, 2020
Have you solved the issue?
I have the same problem that you described, been playing since launch until about 1w ago when this started occurring in every match.
Have tried everything I could think of without success. I have a rtx 2070 and Ryzen 2600x.