The MSI experience (Warning to all who buy MSI)

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Nov 22, 2013
Hey there Toms hardware! I am here to inform people about MSI, and the experience i had with them. Recently two pieces of hardware i have had bought from MSI broke(What i posted on the forums before i knew what was wrong, and i was forced to send them in for an RMA.

Starting a RMA was very easy, and took a matter of minutes. I received some troubleshooting advice over the phone from MSI from a guy named "Alex" ( Alex Hernandez), and he was polite to me, and was helpful at first. I sent in both parts to MSI, and this is where the trouble starts. Once the tracking number it had said it had arrived to MSI i called them that day, and asked if they had received the parts, and i was told that "they are not in the system", and "to supply them with tracking number"; which i did. I was then informed i would need to call back in two days, and if they were not in by then i should be worried. I called back two days later, and no sign of my RMA'ed parts, and then i am asked for my tracking number again ( why would i lie, and how was this not on their notes?), and once again i give it to them. They tell me this time to call back in a few more days " because they could be backed up", so i call back a few days later, and i was told they still have not received it, and asked for my tracking number yet again, and i gave it to him. He then informed me that they had it in the building he was in, and since that they usually go somewhere else that was why it was not scanned yet, so i asked them for the status since it has already been 10 days, he replied " I will get back to you" ( Tech named "Jose") which he did a day later, and he told me that my video card was experiencing artifacting (which was not a problem with the card, and that it would be replaced, but my motherboard is still being tested. Next day i find out the motherboard was confirmed to be broken with the on board audio problem i reported. ( Literally should of took 15 second to diagnose it) I was told they had to test a video card replacement (which was a refurbished video card, and i would think when they refurbish it they would test it to see if it works, also not to mention the card is only a year old, so why didn't i buy a refurbed one to begin with then), and they had to find a motherboard for a replacement.

I call back a few days later, and they inform me they found a motherboard (MSI GD-55 z77a), but i will have to wait for it to get there, then for them to test it(once again why do you need to test it? Why not just give me a new one at this point?). I waited five days, and called back, but i was informed it was not there yet, but it has already been 15 days (turn around time for MSI is 5-15 days), and was then told it would now take 5 days more for it to get there, and then they would have to test it for a few days, and send it out by Wednesday, or thursday, and would generally take 4-5 days to get to me which would make this whole experience a month long process of incompetence, and ignorance. I was then kinda mad, and asked them to find a replacement and send it out in a day or so, the guy then told me i had to wait, i then replied "It's your guys problem, so take care of it!", he then informed me it "My problem", and i told him how unprofessional, and disrespectful that was, and then asked for his supervisor, which he said was on the phone " Could only pass my number on" ( really? just pass it on? couldn't guarantee a call from a supervisor, or manager) i then demanded that he call me today, and then hung up. A few days later Alex Hernandez calls me to apologize, and then tells me they have upgraded my unit to a refurbed msi gd-65, and they would be testing it, also would get it out by Wednesday, he also rambled something about express mail, i was happy, and told him i appericate the call. I call back a day later, and i am told by another guy something completely different. He told me that they still have to test my motherboard, and i have to wait intill next Wednesday for it be sent out (The inconsistency with these guys is jaw dropping). I then flipped out, and asked for the manager. He then told me " He will just tell your the same thing, so you shouldn't bother", and i kept demanding for a few minutes till he finally connect me to "Henry Hernandez", and he told me that they were going to ship it out express mail, and get it out by friday.

I called back friday, and ask for a tracking number, and i told that it will be sent to my email last night, and i still have not gotten it, and on their MSI rma status thing on their website says it's still there.......
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